To say ‘I love you’

I wanted to write you
Tell you that I love you
Tell you I’ll always love you
And always have.
Even if it didn’t seem like it.

I wanted to send you best wishes
To let you know I’m praying for you
Know that I’m there for you
That I’m thinking of you
And I’m missing you.

But I didn’t do it
I didn’t do any of it.
I realized something
Right as the thought
Crossed my mind.

You don’t need my wishes
You don’t need my tears
Don’t need my hopes.
You don’t need me to tell you
That I love you.

You already know it all.
All my words would do
Would be shake the ground
of your peaceful oasis.
The last thing you need.

Anything I say now
Would only be selfish;
Self serving to the degree of mean.
I can’t do that to you
I can’t do that.

So I won’t say I love you
I won’t text or call
I won’t do anything to upset you.
I’ll just hope I’m right
And that I won’t lose you.


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